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Our Philosophy

As a Benefit Corporation, we focus on the well-being of our clients, employees, and community.

At PCC, our philosophy is built right into the structure of our business. We are a Benefit Corporation, which means that we align our business practices to our values and put the needs of people ahead of profits. We’ve done business this way since 1983, and it’s proven to be a successful way to provide unmatched customer service, ongoing community contribution, and a positive employee culture.

We’re proud to deliver unparalleled pediatric solutions and expertise while contributing to our community and creating a uniquely positive work environment. This values-based mindset is evident in all we do, and something PCC clients experience on their first day with us.

Doing what’s right for our clients

This is the guiding focus by which we operate every day at PCC. It directs us to go above and beyond to remove obstacles that prevent doctors from practicing medicine, and reminds us of our core belief that our support of independent pediatricians leads to healthier children and communities across the country.

An independent spirit

PCC is a privately held company with over 30 years of industry experience, and we’re committed to staying independent to continue our focus on what we care about most – your independence. We know the value of having control over our own future, and we support our clients in having that same control.

A caring, compassionate outlook

At PCC, we’ve created a workplace that honors collaboration, learning, and gainful employment through professional fulfillment. We fiercely believe in delivering the best not only to our clients, but to our employees and their families as well. And we aim to set an inspiring example of stewardship through a commitment of support to our neighbors and their causes. At PCC, we put people first.

“We moved to PCC because their EMR and PM software more than meets our needs, and their employees have a nearly fanatical dedication to meeting our needs promptly and exceeding our expectations regularly.”

– Brian Patterson, MD, FAAP

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