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Courtney Edelson is the Marketing Content Manager at PCC. She writes for the PCC Blog, and creates content to keep pediatricians up to date on important healthcare industry news and trends. In addition to being a lifelong writer, Courtney brings nearly a decade of healthcare practice management experience to her work.
Doctor communicating with mother and child on a tablet.

20 Ways A Patient Portal Will Benefit Your Practice

If your practice has been putting off using the patient portal, here are 20 reasons to get started now: Send and receive secure messages. This efficient way of communicating cuts down on long phone…
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12 Reasons To Choose A Pediatric-Specific EHR

You wouldn’t give the same prescription to every patient in your practice. You would choose the one best suited to their unique need. It’s the same thing when you consider a new EHR. Why use a generic…
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8 Tips To Reduce Patient No-Shows

Tip #1:   Make Daily Reminder Calls Choose a dedicated staff member to make reminder calls each afternoon for the next day's appointments. It can be a good idea to include a request for patients to let…
PCC 2016 Users' Conference

PCC 2016 Users' Conference Highlights

Last week, PCC hosted our 2016 Users' Conference in Burlington, VT. This annual event brought 234 PCC clients together for one day of preconference sessions, and three days of classes, events, and networking…