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Courtney Edelson is the Marketing Content Manager at PCC. She writes for the PCC Blog, and creates content to keep pediatricians up to date on important healthcare industry news and trends. In addition to being a lifelong writer, Courtney brings nearly a decade of healthcare practice management experience to her work.
Medicare MACRA

MACRA Essentials: What You Need To Know Now

You've probably heard the word MACRA by now, but do you know what it means for your practice?   The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) was passed in April of 2015. The…
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5 Strategies To Increase Cash Flow At The Front Desk

Most of us have been taught to shy away from talking about money. We are told it is impolite, embarrassing, and downright taboo. With that kind of reinforcement, it's not surprising that the money conversation…
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You Can Teach Grit To Kids... But Should You?

Grit has been the topic-du-jour in the media lately. There is much discussion around the importance of raising a generation of kids who have grit as a personality trait in their life-skills toolbox. Schools…
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Stories From PCC's 2016 Pediatric Supergroup Conference

Last week, PCC hosted the first Pediatric Supergroup Conference in New York City. For two days, pediatricians from across the country convened to learn from and with each other. Formal sessions were presented…
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Peanut Butter and... Baby?

Can eating peanuts early in life actually negate allergies later on? A trio of studies published over the past year all point to the same conclusion: that early introduction of peanuts to an infant's diet…
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3 Habits to Improve Your Revenue Cycle

The revenue cycle... a perpetual issue in most medical offices, its mention often inducing more anxiety than ease. In many of the practices I have been a part of, the problem is not so much how to bring…