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A father and his young son working together with a tablet

Media Use By Children: Monitor and Model

We live in a time where exposure to all different types of technologies beyond TV, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and all forms of social media, are an integral part, if not a dominant role in…
Illustration representing data stored in the cloud, being shared by many people and devices

Cloud-based EHR: Worth it?

One of the many choices you have to make as a doctor running your own practice is whether or not to use a server-based or cloud-based software solution for your office. There can be some benefits to cloud-based…
Blog diversity crop 650x422 - Hiring 101: Finding and Keeping the Right People

Lack of Diversity in Pediatrics

A recent study published in the AAP Journal Pediatrics found a lack of diversity among individuals holding leadership positions in the field. The study surveyed a group of pediatric chairs in the United…