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Dr. Michael Sachs, MDPractice PartnerPremier Pediatrics Beverly Hills
Dr. Michael Sachs, MDPractice PartnerPremier Pediatrics Beverly Hills

Staying independent, and in the black

Premier Pediatrics Beverly Hills is a five-doctor practice in Beverly Hills, CA. The practice is financially stable and independent in a high-density area, servicing many pediatric patients.

Premier Pediatrics considers caring for a child a privilege and aims to create an exceptional experience for families and patients alike. Combining this practice goal with the desire to remain independent meant focusing on offering a comforting environment to patients and families, and delivering high-quality care that is efficient and streamlined – while maintaining practice independence.

Independent practices need the right partner

Premier Pediatrics has maintained independence and financial stability, since its formation in 2011, in large part due to its partnership with PCC.

“Working with PCC has been fantastic. It’s what we expected from the beginning, and absolutely what we’ve come to experience,” said Dr. Michael Sachs, a partner in the practice.

After Premier had grown dissatisfied with their first EHR, they switched to PCC in 2013. PCC worked in great detail with the practice to understand its specific needs, which made the implementation process easier, said Dr. Sachs.

“We needed a lot of hand-holding for each department in our office, from the front of the office to the exam rooms, and we needed a company that was going to really work with us as individuals, and as a whole, for ‘go-live’ of the system.”

Unique needs, individualized solutions

Dr. Sachs said the quality of PCC’s service and support has stayed at the same high level from the start. PCC’s pediatric workflow tools, he added, have helped build the patient-specific templates each clinician needs, and have helped ensure that PCC’s technology workflow matches that of all five pediatricians in the practice.

“In essence, we have five separate practices under the umbrella of Premier,” said Dr. Sachs. “We work together, but each doctor gets to decide his or her own patient volume.”

PCC’s goal is to make the PCC software work for each individual practice. It’s not about changing the practice to fit the software. For instance, each provider at Premier has his own scheduling block template based on the number of days and hours he or she works, and on the number of patients seen, in keeping with their unique practice structure.

Improving care and capturing more revenue

PCC also supports any and all opportunities for pediatricians to provide higher value care. For Premier, that has meant helping office staff ensure insurance verification is completed prior to patients arriving for a visit, and suggesting that copays and balances are collected during the check-in process.

“We used to let patients just say, ‘Hi, I’m here,’ and let them go into the exam room without verifying the insurance or collecting the co-pay,” said Dr Sachs. “Our co-pay collection rate has gone way up.”

Staying ahead of potential trouble spots

PCC’s support and consulting services are always available for Premier. PCC is available to help with questions related to administrative and financial issues, especially in light of the clinical schedule.

“At one point, our billers had fallen behind in following up on outstanding claims, and our A/R started to go up without anyone realizing how high it had gotten,” said Dr. Sachs. “Chip Hart, one of PCC’s pediatric consultants, alerted us to the problem using PCC’s dashboard technology, and advised us on how to make major dents in getting old balances and insurances collected. Our A/R has gone down measurably as a result.”

Practice independence requires not only a strong mission statement, but also a thorough understanding of the healthcare environment and patient population needs. Creating a practice environment that has clinical, administrative and financial tools delivers the right backdrop to remaining independent, allowing practices like Premier Pediatrics to thrive.