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Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAPCEO, PediatricianThe Center For Advanced Pediatrics
Jeanne Marconi, MD, FAAPCEO, PediatricianThe Center For Advanced Pediatrics

Discovering the true value of time

It’s a rare thing that a practice would go elsewhere for their IT solutions after having been part of the PCC family. However, such was the case for a long-time client who recently shared her experience with us after her practice made the switch away from PCC.

For years, The Center For Advanced Pediatrics enjoyed practice management reporting and scheduling capabilities as part of PCC’s solution. After a period of sharp growth, the partners realized they needed to stop charting on paper and move to an EHR solution. After much consideration, they chose an EHR from another vendor, basing their decision on a few unique clinical features it was offering at the time.

“We were opening a third office, and my partners wanted to go with an EHR that seemed to have the most cutting-edge features,” said practice CEO Jeanne Marconi, M.D.

Shortly after implementation, the practice ended its partnership with PCC and began using practice management functionality included in their new EHR. The practice, said Dr. Marconi, was looking to streamline and avoid logistical problems.

But less than two years in, The Center For Advanced Pediatrics was increasingly unhappy with its EHR. Physicians were charting after hours, struggling with an EHR whose navigational tools were hindering workflow and productivity. Reporting had also become an expensive chore, said Dr. Marconi.

Located in Connecticut’s most densely populated county, an area that was experiencing rapid growth in its pediatric patient population, the partners found that they were struggling with administrative tasks at a time when the practice could least afford it.

“There were too many buttons to click, and charting was taking forever on our previous EHR,” said Dr. Marconi. “We were paying overtime for our clinicians to complete it, whether they stayed late or went home to do it. A couple of hours each night, times 7 people, really added up over a week. It was also affecting our quality of life. We don’t want to sit at home doing several hours of charting when we should be with our families.”

The practice had also lost a significant amount of reporting capability in switching away from PCC.

“At some point we weren’t able to easily extract data because of a technical issue,” said Dr. Marconi. “I had to hire somebody to do reporting for me, which was another add-on we didn’t expect we’d have to do.”

Gaining time by going back to PCC

In 2014, the practice switched back to PCC.

“We felt we needed PCC again because of how we manage our practice,” Dr. Marconi said. “When you’re a big practice, it’s critical that everything is smooth, and PCC’s reporting is really stellar. With PCC, you can find the information you need in a way that’s so easy a kid could do it.”

PCC’s reporting tools give practices real-time access to hundreds of reports that answer productivity questions related to daily operations and long-term financial planning. Many of these reports are summarized in PCC’s Practice Vitals Dashboard, which allows PCC clients to view their financial and clinical data at a glance.

With PCC, Dr. Marconi says her office has gained more time. Clinicians no longer spend extra hours charting, and they have found the work-life balance they’re looking for. She attributes this, in part, to PCC’s streamlined pediatric tools and intuitive interface.

“The look and flow of PCC has really evolved,” said Dr. Marconi. “We can customize templates quickly, improving office visits. Also, we can scroll, which makes for a lot less clicking.”

“It’s a lot quicker doing charts in PCC, which is a huge plus, especially for practitioners who co-sign all of our ancillary people’s notes,” she added.

PCC’s pediatric visit templates provided them with easy flexibility such as opening and coding a sick visit during a well visit, and opening a sibling visit on the fly. They could now merge templates, give providers their own templates, copy notes among siblings and other family members, and pre-load their system with existing PCC client protocol favorites or AAP Bright Futures templates. Also, custom chart notes made charting quicker for the practice.

“In PCC, the note never ends, so you can do an addendum later,” Dr. Marconi said. “In our old EHR, you had to go out of the chart and create an addendum template.”

With a strong focus on workflow streamlining, Dr. Marconi’s office valued their work-life balance while using a solution that matched their practices’ needs.

“At the end of the day, you have to look at the value you’re getting from your dollar,” she said, “and PCC gives us that value.”

PCC is proud to give The Center for Advanced Pediatrics the right tools to get their time back.