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Dr. Jennifer Gruen & Dr. Nikki GormanPractice Partner, PediatriciansVillage Pediatrics
Dr. Jennifer Gruen & Dr. Nikki GormanPractice Partner, PediatriciansVillage Pediatrics

Starting out on their own

Nearly seven years ago, Dr. Jennifer Gruen and Dr. Nikki Gorman had a choice to make: go independent or face joining a large healthcare system.

At the time, both doctors were working for a pediatrician in lower Connecticut who had decided to retire. Neither Dr. Gruen nor Dr. Gorman had the appetite for the high-volume style of physician employment, so they set out to go independent as Village Pediatrics.

As paper chart users, Dr. Gruen said, they naively chose an EHR that wasn’t specifically designed for pediatrics, which turned out to be inadequate. The switch to PCC provided the backdrop to become a thriving independent practice.

Making the transition to PCC

“Extracting data from our former EHR was a nightmare from beginning to end, but PCC’s development team pulled off the unbelievable task,” Dr. Gruen said. “They worked day and night to make it a smooth transition for us, and would even call at night to say they had gotten something done. I knew then that PCC will always be there for me.”

Choosing PCC was the clear choice, according to Dr. Gruen, who said she had already learned, through the AAP’s SOAPM online community, that PCC’s support was superior in the marketplace. PCC offers guaranteed, 24/7 software and infrastructure support during evenings, weekends and holidays. This type of support strengthens practice decisions to go independent.

“We wanted real support this time around, and we knew PCC provided that,” Dr. Gruen said.

Finding success as an independent practice

The practice had become a lot more efficient after the switch to PCC, according to Dr. Gruen. Only three years after their transition to becoming an independent practice, the two-doctor group was hiring a third clinician.

In light of this growth, Village Pediatrics is nonetheless committed to remaining a small practice, where pediatricians can practice the way they want. This means low volume, allowing each doctor to spend time with and educate each patient and their families. Dr. Gruen says PCC has allowed them to maintain their style of practice, while increasing efficiency on both a clinical and practice management level. Going independent meant practicing pediatric medicine the way the group envisioned for themselves.

“PCC has made practicing much easier,” added Dr. Gruen.

Village Pediatrics is also more profitable. Since using PCC, the practice has experienced increased revenue through improved coding and charge-entry accuracy, even with its lower patient volume. The boost in income, as well as an increase in clinician productivity, is directly tied to efficiencies within the system.

“PCC has affected revenue and tightened up workflows,” Dr. Gruen said. “There’s a brain behind the workflow systems, and this brain thinks like a doctor in the way it tracks labs, makes callbacks, tightens up recalls, and gets patients in for vaccines and past-due physicals.”

“PCC hasn’t changed our practice style. It’s made how we practice easier,” Dr. Gruen said. “It’s easier for me to document the information I want to document, and it’s easy to search for and retrieve information.”

“But if I have to boil it down to one thing, it’s PCC’s customer service,” she said. “That’s why I’m here.”

PCC gives practices the tools and autonomy to go independent fearlessly.