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Pediatric Vaccine Management À La Scrooge

Vaccine storage, handling, purchasing, and billing have been hot topics recently. In the midst of this holiday season, the timing is appropriate to discuss vaccine management in the pediatric office in the spirit of "A Christmas Carol."
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7 Quick Tips When Hiring For Your Practice

This post has been written by guest blogger Bettina Dold, PCC's Director of Marketing. Here are some high-level tips to consider when looking for new staff. Each of these tips can be further researched…
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20 Ways A Patient Portal Will Benefit Your Practice

If your practice has been putting off using the patient portal, here are 20 reasons to get started now: Send and receive secure messages. This efficient way of communicating cuts down on long phone…
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12 Reasons To Choose A Pediatric-Specific EHR

You wouldn’t give the same prescription to every patient in your practice. You would choose the one best suited to their unique need. It’s the same thing when you consider a new EHR. Why use a generic…