Lynn BergeronBusiness Manager at Hagan, Rinehart & Connolly Pediatricians

User Experience First

At PCC, we care about our clients as much as they care about their patients. That means keeping a close eye on user experience to ensure that using our software is easy and efficient.

The result? PCC’s system is exceptionally intuitive and easy to use. We offer tools for financial performance, clinical flexibility, and patient engagement, with a singular focus on the specific needs of independent pediatric practices. We customize our software to adapt to your practice style and workflow, to allow you to continue to run your practice the way that works best for you.

Unparalleled ease-of-use

We make sure that we don’t bury the features you need most. Hyper focused on efficiency, we provide a clean, user-friendly interface with all your most common functions accessible with just a click or two. It’s a common-sense approach, rooted in deep pediatric knowledge, which results in speed and efficiency.

Below is an excerpt from a 2015 report by Jonathan Christensen, Strategic Operations Director at KLAS Enterprises:

“Clinicians using the pediatric-specific solution from PCC gave the highest ease-of-use ratings in this report due to solid, mature pediatric functionality and a workflow that some providers feel flows as well as their old paper-based workflow. One client said, ‘It is very easy to maneuver in PCC EHR. We can create things to be our own. For example, we can set up individualized protocols for each doctor. There is a lot that we can do with this EHR. It is customizable. And PCC is constantly making improvements.’ ” 1

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Powerful pediatric-specific tools

Designed specifically for pediatrics, our charting tools respond quickly and flexibly to your needs. You can customize your visit templates to suit your exact requirements, and our answer-memory features help save you valuable time.

Our powerful practice management and reporting capabilities give you insight into and control over your practice. Our Pediatric Vitals Dashboard is a window into your practice’s financial health, with industry tracking and metrics to prove your progress. At-a-glance visual data helps you determine where to focus when making important practice decisions.

Our patient engagement tools let you connect to your patients securely and quickly, whether you’re at work or at home. Our robust patient portal, automated recall system, pediatric visit templates, and our mobile app are just a few of the many features that support an efficient clinical workflow.

Software development teams that works around your schedule

Our product development process fully integrates the demands of your schedule. With new features available every 6 weeks, you get access to the tools you want as soon as they’re ready. And our software updates happen after-hours, when you’re not seeing patients. We don’t charge extra for new releases. We believe in giving you the features you need as part of your ongoing relationship with PCC.

PCC clients receive after-hours IT, hardware, and networking support, plus remote monitoring of your system, to help guarantee that you stay up and running.

“EMR vendors have to be reminded that the provider/patient interface is paramount and that physicians/healthcare personnel are the real customers. PCC is doing that and has not wavered from that vision since its inception.”

– Scott Schams, MD, FAAP, MAAOM, Allied Pediatrics of Texas, College Station, TX

[1] Excerpts from “New Leaders in the Small Practice Market: Ambulatory EMR Performance 2015 (1-10 Physicians), March 2015.” © 2015 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.