Client Perspectives

Our clients say it best

An all-around perfect fit

“For me, PCC is the perfect fit. I tend to like a single source product, so I have the complete PCC solution.

Since moving to PCC, I have been able to greatly improve my bottom line. Their recaller feature alone has allowed me to increase my percentage of patients who are up to date on well child checks from about 65% to 90%, significantly adding to my monthly income. What’s more, the PMS software is so self-sufficient that I don’t need a billing person.

Their EHR is absent of irrelevant clutter and easy to navigate and customize. And if I decide later on that I need to make adjustments to a template, I can do that within a matter of minutes. When I need it, PCC’s support is top notch — something one has to experience firsthand to appreciate and understand.

Finally, the icing on the cake is being part of the PCC “family” – a family made up of not only fellow PCC clients, but PCC employees as well. Again, something one has to experience to understand.”

– Robin Warner, MD, Union, KY

Compare costs carefully

“I want to emphasize the danger in comparing apples and oranges when evaluating software solutions for your practice. Make sure you compare ongoing costs.

With PCC, there are no upfront costs other than a per-provider setup fee and your workstations: desktops and laptops. And other than their subscription fees, there is essentially nothing else. I can’t think of an extra dime I’ve paid them in 20 years. They even throw in the routers if you don’t have wireless — or probably upgrade yours if you do. Their fees are locked in for 3 years and increases at contract renewal time have always been reasonable.”

– Daniel I. Schwartz, MD, FAAP, Westwood, NJ

Excellent training for ICD-10 transition

“My office manager and I attended PCC’s ICD-10 training today in Dallas and it was OUTSTANDING. I feel completely prepared after today.

The folks using other EHRs had no idea how their EHR was going to handle the transition to ICD-10, and they had so many questions that thankfully seemed irrelevant to what our experience will be.

We got to preview some nifty new features that will walk SNOMED codes to ICD-10 and the prompts that will be offered to make sure we use the most specific codes possible.

It was good to spend the day getting an understanding of the systematic issues behind the coding, and how to use the index and tabular files provided FOR FREE to understand the level of documentation needed, which my protocols really include already for the most common diagnoses.

I’m so thankful to be with PCC and on PCC EHR right now. No need for expensive consultants. No need to spend a lot of money on ICD-10 reference books. Yet another benefit of that “expensive” monthly fee that makes it worth every penny.”

– Seth D. Kaplan, MD, FAAP, Frisco, TX

Inspired by the PCC team

“When we returned from our kick-off meeting with PCC, I was very inspired by the people we met and by the devotion and talent they displayed. I feel comfortable and even optimistic that this transition will be successful. Our team is a pleasure to work with.

I am impressed by people who ask a question of me then go on to pursue solutions independently as well. They have been tasked a job, and that job gets done. Action follows thought and they all seem to be thinkers. We are looking forward to a long relationship, and trust that at some point we can contribute to the PCC family and culture as well.”

– Demetrios James Kalliongis, MD, Stevensville, MD

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