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Social Media, Self-Esteem, and Teen Suicide

Suicide is the cause of 13% of teenage deaths in the United States. It is the third largest cause of death, falling short of only accidents and homicide. This is a very scary fact, as suicide is not something…
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Peanut Butter and... Baby?

Can eating peanuts early in life actually negate allergies later on? A trio of studies published over the past year all point to the same conclusion: that early introduction of peanuts to an infant's diet…
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To a Healthy and Safe Holiday Season

We all look forward to the holidays; they serve as an opportunity to connect with family and friends, celebrate, reflect, share, and take respite from our busy lives. This is also the time to be kind to…
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How Much "Screen Time" is Too Much?

The AAP is working to catch up with a fast-paced digital age by retooling its long-standing guidelines on media use. Since 2011, the Academy has discouraged screen time for children under age 2 and recommended…
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Report on EHR Use by Pediatricians

The latest issue of Pediatrics (official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) includes a report on the use of Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) by office-based Pediatricians.  While EHR…