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Focus on Customer Service To Make Your Practice Thrive

If you want to thrive in the business of pediatrics, it’s time to start thinking of your patients as customers. Not only will this improve their overall experience, it will also build long term loyalty to your practice.
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8 Tips To Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patient no-shows are the bane of every medical office, and having strategies in place to reduce them is essential. Find ways to avoid them by trying these 8 tips.
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4 Ways to Assess Your Practice Before the New Year

Year end is the prime time to evaluate your practice, identify what you're doing well, and see where you can improve. Running a robust practice requires diligent attention to the business of pediatrics. In this post, we'll outline 4 strategies to help increase your success.
ways that pediatricians underutilize their EHR

7 Ways You're Underutilizing Your EHR

Almost every pediatric practice uses an Electronic Health Record (EHR). But how many practices use their EHR to its full extent? How many practices are aware of and engage with all the features and functionality an EHR provides? Learn 7 ways you're underutilizing your EHR and how engaging more proactively will further the success of your practice.
How do you market your pediatric practice?

6 Tips to Market Your Pediatric Practice

In today's changing healthcare environment, successful pediatric practices will beat out the competition when they display the skills of both compassionate clinicians and savvy entrepreneurs.