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6 Advantages of a Built-In Clearinghouse

If your practice submits electronic claims, you are most likely involved with a clearinghouse. Not sure what a clearinghouse is? According to, "Clearinghouses are essentially electronic…
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Virtual Bedside Manner: Connecting with Telemedicine

In the telemedicine era, more and more patients are interacting with their doctors via telehealth technology. According to Modern Healthcare, the telemedicine market was worth $500 million in 2014, and…
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7 Quick Tips When Hiring For Your Practice

This post has been written by guest blogger Bettina Dold, PCC's Director of Marketing.Here are some high-level tips to consider when looking for new staff. Each of these tips can be further researched…
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20 Ways A Patient Portal Will Benefit Your Practice

If your practice has been putting off using the patient portal, here are 20 reasons to get started now:Send and receive secure messages. This efficient way of communicating cuts down on long phone…
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5 Strategies To Increase Cash Flow At The Front Desk

Most of us have been taught to shy away from talking about money. We are told it is impolite, embarrassing, and downright taboo. With that kind of reinforcement, it's not surprising that the money conversation…
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3 Habits to Improve Your Revenue Cycle

The revenue cycle... a perpetual issue in most medical offices, its mention often inducing more anxiety than ease. In many of the practices I have been a part of, the problem is not so much how to bring…