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Pediatric Supergroup Conference

Join us at our annual conference dedicated to pediatricians who are interested in joining, or are already part of, pediatric supergroups. It’s a highly informative event that you won’t want to miss.

We convene independent pediatricians and nationally acclaimed pediatric experts for a 3-day event dedicated to matters of pediatric supergroups. Started in 2016, our annual conference features extended discussions focused on a variety of topics — from starting and operating a supergroup, to legal and legislative concerns, to leadership strategies — with additional content added as the supergroup market evolves.

Each session includes interactive time with other attendees, to share the challenges faced and solutions implemented across the country. Gatherings for cocktails and dinner further the opportunities for networking.

What is a Pediatric Supergroup?

Generally speaking, it is any group of pediatricians organized for the purpose of combating the challenges of remaining independent. They can take the form of a ‘group without walls’ whose practices are spread over multiple locations, or a large group all under the same roof. Supergroups share a single Tax ID, employ a collaborative approach to leadership and management, and enjoy greater negotiating power than individual practices.