Register Your Phone for EPCS – Unless You Plan on Never Losing Your Token

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. And it happens certainly more frequently than you’d like to think. You registered your hard token for EPCS, and meant to go back at some point and register your cell phone for backup purposes. Or add the Authy app for approving EPCS right on your phone. But you’re busy! And you simply don’t get around to it.

And then, your hard token was still in your pocket when you did laundry, or took a dip in the lake during those last warm days of the year. At least in Vermont, that is!

  • The Good News: Your yearly Exostar token license allows for one replacement per year. For FREE! PCC Support will arrange for a new token to be shipped to your office, for no additional fee.
  • The Not-So Good News: If you happen to lose or damage your hard token, and hadn’t yet registered your phone or downloaded the Authy app, you have to start the entire process over again. And depending on your experience the first time around, you may not want to spend time repeating the process!

So how do we avoid having to repeat the EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) on-boarding process again after saying goodbye to your original hard token? In addition to the mandatory hard plastic token, I’d highly recommend doing the following:

Register your phone

PCC eRx through FDB’s MedsTracker and Exostar allow you to simply provide your cell phone number in the case of needing to access your EPCS account without having your hard token available. Once your cell phone number has been added, you can choose to have a code sent to you through SMS or even receive the code via phone call, in the case of a non-smart phone or a service plan without texting.  This code will allow you to still access your EPCS account where you can add your replacement hard token and keep on prescribing!

Download (and use!) the Authy app for approving EPCS prescriptions

There are a number of benefits to using the Authy app for EPCS – like approving your Adderall and Concerta prescriptions right from your phone. No need to carry your hard token around with you in addition to the phone you probably already have in your pocket. But if we’re thinking about the lost token scenario, you can also use the Authy app to gain access to your EPCS account to add that replacement token back to your account. And – even better! You would be able to continue to use EPCS on your phone while you wait for the package to arrive in the mail.

Following the above suggestions ensures there will be little interruption to EPCS capabilities if you happen to lose one of your tokens. Get your practice’s EPCS Coordinator involved – they can review user accounts to determine if you have additional steps to complete.

Consider this your official friendly reminder to take a brief moment to ensure that your EPCS account is fully backed up!

If you’re not yet using EPCS at your practice – this functionality is currently supported in all states, so reach out to PCC Support if you’re interested in learning more about sending these prescriptions out electronically and nearly eliminating the need to handwrite your controlled substances!

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