UC 2017

Welcome to UC 2017!

Thank you for joining us at this year’s conference. Each day, this page will provide updated announcements, the day’s schedule, and course descriptions.

Download The UC App



The access code is: “pediatric”

You can also use the app in your browser.

While visiting our Open Lab and Exhibit Hall, please enjoy use of the Internet, connectivity to your PCC system, and access to demonstrations by PCC and Exhibitors. Lab staff are here to help you so please, ask questions!

CEU Codes

CEU Codes will be provided in classes marked as “CEU” in the schedule.

App Help

Help with the UC app is available on the second floor, next to the PCC Office and by our illuminated PCC sign.


Handouts are available on the app (which can be accessed via your browser here) They will also be available after the conference on learn.pcc.com.


Announcements will be available in the app under the “Announcements” section.

Stay Connected

Follow PCC on Twitter and tag the UC with #PCCUC2017.

Read instructions for Using RDP to Connect to Partner or PCC EHR in your office.