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    PCC's WeCARE Program
PCC's WeCARE Program

PCC’s WeCARE Program

PCC’s WeCARE Program supports independent pediatricians who care for children in underserved communities. Learn how you can become part of this amazing team to make a difference in children’s lives.

About PCC’s WeCARE Program

What are the goals of WeCARE Program?

As a Benefit Corporation, PCC continually seeks to give back to communities. The WeCARE Program is in direct alignment with PCC’s ongoing mission of removing obstacles that prevent pediatricians from practicing medicine.

In many parts of the country, independent pediatricians are struggling to support children in underserved communities due to financial obstacles related to insurance payments for services rendered. PCC believes that by implementing the WeCARE Program to support independent practices in those communities with dedicated pediatric tools, we can foster the ongoing care of children and the financial success of the practice.

Stephanie Sisler

“The financial stress that PCC’s WeCARE program has lifted is incredible. It certainly motivates me to be sure that I do the most good possible for my patients & community. I feel a burden to not let anyone – including PCC! – down, and that is a great motivator!

I came out of residency with absolutely zero training in business, marketing, billing, or practice management. Even just watching the videos of how PCC functions has me excited and eager to learn even more. It gives me confidence that I can learn what is necessary to not just perform at a functional level, but to provide exceptional and passionate care to my patients.

It has given me the confidence to know that I am capable and will have the necessary tools to succeed in a new world. Thank you PCC!”

Stephanie Sisler, M.D.
Lovelight Pediatrics, Oakland, MD

How does the program work?

Throughout the year, the PCC Sales team will work to identify new and established practices that can demonstrate the expansion and improvement of care for underserved children in their area. Once identified, the WeCARE team will evaluate the practice and if approved, consider the practice for final selection.

Independent pediatric practices who enter the program will receive PCC’s pediatric EHR and Practice Management software, along with detailed practice management consulting at no cost for the first six months of operation, and a customized rate for the duration of their partnership with PCC.

Why is PCC offering this program?

While many EHR vendors simply offer a general software solution, PCC provides much more than that, as the recipients of the WeCARE grant will soon discover. PCC not only develops tools created specifically for pediatricians, we also share cutting-edge thought leadership and practice management consulting with our clients. As champions for independent pediatricians, our educational conferences, support, consulting, and solutions are well-known in the industry.

We are excited to support the independent pediatric community as the only EHR vendor with a sole focus on pediatrics – all of our efforts are centered on our clients’ success. For additional information, please email: wecare@pcc.com.

“With the WeCARE Program, our aim is to help pediatricians continue to serve the people and places that are important to them.”

John Canning, PCC President and Co-Founder