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LGBT Allies

Best Practices for Supporting LGBTQI Youth and Families in Pediatric Practices

Pediatricians are in a unique position to support patients who identify as LGBTQI. They have established, longterm relationships with their patients and are able to provide the kind of compassionate and confidential space where patients can share, ask questions, and get access to support and resources. Knowing the best practices to help these patients feel safe and supported is key.
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DNA Health Risk for Children from Stressed Environments

Socioeconomics Can Pose Risks The Journal of Perinatology published research on babies born to mothers who did not finish high school and determined that, possibly due to socioeconomic stress, those babies…
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Lack of Diversity in Pediatrics

A recent study published in the AAP Journal Pediatrics found a lack of diversity among individuals holding leadership positions in the field. The study surveyed a group of pediatric chairs in the United…