• PCC Interoperability

PCC Interoperability

Delivering the best pediatric care requires robust connectivity options that are reviewed and updated on a regular basis by pediatric software experts. Improve the entire patient experience with better interoperability.

PCC continually builds interfaces to the most relevant systems across the healthcare technology spectrum, from immunization registries to claims data. This ensures our clients are always able to access relevant and necessary information, quickly and easily.

We develop and support these interfaces based on the needs and practice requirements of our clients. Our connections are built to meet strict healthcare industry standards and comply with all regulatory requirements.

Your PCC Comprehensive Care Plan comes with a standard set of interfaces, and any not listed in the Care Plan can be built for an additional fee. Our data quality, integrity, security, and reliability standards come first and foremost. We reserve the right to determine if a third party interface request can be accommodated.


PCC is a member and implementer of Carequality. Carequality is a public-private, multi-stakeholder collaborative that has come together to enable providers to exchange clinical data between and among health data sharing networks, using a common interoperability framework. As a member of this collaborative, the following information handling practices will be observed:

In the course of PCC making the query-based exchange functionality available to its customers, it transmits and stores information only to enable its customers’ use of Carequality.

Get more information on Carequality.

Interoperability connections

Included in the PCC Comprehensive Care Plan is a full suite of interoperability connections. Categories include state and local immunization registries, e-lab results, eligibility, electronic claims submission (ECS) / electronic remittance advice (ERA), billing data, e-bills, scheduling (SUI), demographic (ADT), claims, and in-office lab equipment. For a complete list of connections included with PCC, click the link below.

Included Connections

View the complete list of interfaces included with your Comprehensive Care Plan, or contact PCC Support with questions.

Custom Interfaces

Contact PCC Support for technical specifications and pricing for custom interfaces.