• Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

We can provide you with statistics, list our pediatric-specific features and functionality, and go on about our first-rate support, but to really know what it’s like to work with PCC, listen to what our clients have to say. They will tell you all about the PCC Experience!

PCC’s clients thrive at the business of pediatrics. Our clients know that long-term sustainability as independent pediatricians means they need to excel as clinicians and as business people. With PCC as a trusted partner, our clients use our software, support, and consulting to achieve ongoing success.

We invite you to spend some time reading their stories, listen to where they started and where they are now, and get a sense for how your practice can have the same kind of success story with PCC.


Redmont Pediatrics

Redmont Pediatrics chose PCC as their first EHR system in order to continue their financial and business growth with a dependable partner.

Sanford Pediatrics

Switching EHRs seemed difficult for the staff at Sanford Pediatrics, until they found that their focus on relationships made PCC a great match.

Chapel Hill Children and Adolescents’ Clinic

Dr. Laura Windham chose PCC’s pediatric-specific tools to bring her support and peace of mind.

East Bay Pediatrics

Shared philosophies have kept East Bay Pediatrics a PCC partner for over 30 years.

Bloom Pediatrics

Bloom Pediatrics formed a partnership with PCC that has helped them overcome obstacles and look to the future with excitement.

Topeka Pediatrics

Learn how Topeka Pediatrics transitioned to PCC from an EHR they didn’t like.


Tim Rushford discusses the top five billing traits of a well-run pediatric practice.

East Suburban Pediatrics

New depression screening guidelines for adolescents Issued by the AAP: the PCC Dashboard can help you measure your success.

Denville Pediatrics

How an innovative compensation model helped this New Jersey practice retain and reward its physicians.

Doctors of Children

After five years of due diligence, Doctors of Children chose the PCC EHR platform.

Hamden Pediatrics

How a smaller practice can reap big benefits from a pediatric focused EHR.

Kids Plus Pediatrics

How one pediatric practice uses innovative thinking to dream big and engage patients, all while staying relevant in the business of pediatrics.

One Family Pediatrics

How a Georgia pediatrician used her EHR to educate parents and navigate insurance payments.

Pediatric Associates

How the PCC Dashboard helped this Ohio practice compete with urgent care facilities.

Springtime Pediatrics

How the training and mindset of an engineer was used in the selection of a pediatric EHR.

Dr. Tanya Altmann

This Los Angeles pediatrician wrote the book on “Baby and Toddler Basics”.

“I got some great news today and wanted to say thank you! I have successfully negotiated for higher payments from my biggest managed Medicaid payer here in Nevada! Since starting with PCC, I have been one of their top performers for quality measures.

They keep asking, what system do you have that makes your numbers so good? Why, PCC, of course! So I guess I have demonstrated enough value to them to justify paying me more!

Anyway, just wanted to share my success story and thank all you wonderful people who work so hard for us at PCC!”

Dr. Mary Kiepert, Tendercare Pediatrics, Las Vegas, NV