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PCCTalk is the main category of PCC Community, a private online forum and email list for users of PCC’s pediatric EHR and Practice Management system. It is for PCC clients only.

PCC Community is where our clients connect with one another and with PCC staff. PCC Community features multiple categories, including PCCTalk and PCC News. You must first sign up to view and make posts in the PCC Community forum. Discussions can be accessed via email or on the web.


Discussions in the PCCTalk category are wide-ranging in nature, from specific aspects of PCC’s software to best practices related to pediatric workflow, practice management, billing, reporting, and more. Our clients benefit from being involved in these lively, engaged conversations.

PCC leadership and support staff are active in the PCCTalk category, providing swift guidance and answers when questions are raised.

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Posts in the PCC News category are PCC-specific in nature and are a way to quickly inform clients on topics such as upcoming software releases, events, training, business hours, and more.

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