• Financial Management Tools

Financial Management Tools

As part of our PCC Complete solution, PCC Billing is pediatric medical billing that’s more than just software. It is a suite of valuable tools that is continuously updated and supported by a team of experts always at your service.

Our financial management tools are expressly designed for the unique needs of practitioners of child and adolescent medicine. If you are switching from another EHR vendor to PCC, you’ll be amazed at the workflow ease and payment speed our revenue cycle management tools provide. Our certified, pediatrics-only billing and practice management solution makes it simple to manage finances, run a smart practice, and remain firmly in control of the future.

Analytics & Reporting

Practice Vitals Dashboard

Your essential tool for practice analysis

  • Gain insight into the financial health of your practice
  • Understand the connection between clinical metrics and financial success
  • Compare your data to national and regional pediatric benchmarks
  • At-a-glance visual data makes it easy to see how you’re doing, identify trends, and make strategic decisions

Dashboard Financial Pulse Details

Your in-depth view into practice performance

  • Revenue-per-Visit score, with and without immunizations, adjusted for location
  • A/R Days, over 60 days, 60 – 90 days
  • E&M Coding Distribution of CPT codes billed by your practice
  • Relative pricing of billed procedures as compared to standard Medicare fees
  • RVUs-per-Visit benchmark
  • Coding Expertise to show usage of typically underutilized codes

Dashboard Clinical Pulse Details

Your in-depth view into your clinical performace

  • Well-Visit Rates for five different age groups
  • Immunization Rates for six different immunization rate measures
  • ADD/ADHD Patient Follow-Up
  • Sick-to-Well Visit Ratio of new and established patient sick visits
  • Diagnosis-per-Visit to represent diversity and thoroughness of diagnosis coding

Free Custom Reports

Your specific questions, answered

  • Powerful reporting engine to create custom reports based on clinical and financial criteria
  • Hundreds of standard reports, available for modification based on your needs
  • Or call PCC for help with any report request
Insurance & Billing

Insurance Eligibility Verifications

Smoother patient check-in with Electronic Data Interchange

  • Real-time and batch eligibility checking
  • Alerts you to changes in insurance policies and coverage in advance
  • Easy verification at patient check-in

Free Claims Clearinghouse

A direct connection to payers at no extra charge

  • All claims processed for you, quickly and easily
  • Expedited reimbursements with clean submissions
  • Eliminates the need for a third-party service

True Family Billing

More accurate communication with patient families

  • Designed to handle complex family relationships
  • Accurate revenue tracking and collection

Auto Payment Posting

Faster and easier posts to improve financial results

  • Automates the posting of electronic insurance payments
  • Streamlines the manual posting of payments
  • Reduces error and improves bottom line

Robust Revenue Cycle Tools

Streamline the revenue cycle and maximize reimbursements

  • Ensure timely claim filing and decrease your A/R days
  • Allow you to be compensated more reliably for the care you provide

“What would have been a day-long ordeal with my nurse manager and our VFC inspection became a happy short meeting thanks to the Dashboard. I heard the inspector asking our nurses to show him records for more than 100 kids so they could calculate our immunization rates… opened Dashboard on my laptop… and blew them away by our immunization rates, which we were able to quickly show them in the easy-to-read bar graphs with percentage numbers on top. Thank you Tim and everyone at PCC!”

Dr. Melissa Schwartz, Olney Pediatrics, Olney, MD


Clinical Workflow Tools

Your tools for enhancing patient care, family support, and a smooth workflow that encourages return visits.

Mobile Solutions

Take your practice on the go with powerful mobile tools that make life easier for you and your patient families.