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Small girl receives a shot from a pediatrician

Successful Strategies for Running a Flu Clinic

Each year pediatricians are charged with the task of vaccinating thousands of patients against influenza. To keep patients healthy, they must administer a very high volume of flu shots during the busiest…
LGBT Allies

Best Practices for Supporting LGBTQI Youth and Families in Pediatric Practices

Pediatricians are in a unique position to support patients who identify as LGBTQI. They have established, longterm relationships with their patients and are able to provide the kind of compassionate and confidential space where patients can share, ask questions, and get access to support and resources. Knowing the best practices to help these patients feel safe and supported is key.
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10 Ideas for an Inviting Pediatric Practice Space

When establishing a new practice, or renovating an existing one, first impressions are important – to children, adolescents and patient families alike. The waiting room and the overall practice feel…
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6 Advantages of a Built-In Clearinghouse

If your practice submits electronic claims, you are most likely involved with a clearinghouse. Not sure what a clearinghouse is? According to, "Clearinghouses are essentially electronic…