Pediatric Benchmarks

Performance metrics at your fingertips

How do you measure the performance of your practice? Our pediatric benchmarks offer a quick assessment of both clinical and operational performance metrics.

Most independent pediatricians do not have the time or the tools to accurately determine why their practices succeed or struggle. The day-to-day work of providing care to patients simply doesn’t allow the time to monitor the business aspects of running a successful practice.

Moreover, it’s impossible to know exactly what other pediatricians are doing on both a local and national scale. Our benchmarks are unique in their pediatric specificity, giving you a reliable source of information that answers your questions about the success of your practice.

The PCC Dashboard highlights a series of pediatric benchmarks that offer a quick and easy way to measure vital aspects of your practice performance. By calculating your results and comparing them to those of our clients, you can begin to see the ways in which you’ll achieve your practice goals with PCC.

Take a look at some of our Pediatric Benchmarks to see what working with PCC can do for your practice.


A/R Days

What it measures:

Approximates the time it takes to collect outstanding balances. Allows practices of different sizes to compare results.

How to calculate:

Divide A/R total by average daily charges (use at least 3 months of data).

PCC clients:

A/R Days average is 25 days


Revenue Per Visit

What it measures:

The average revenue generated per patient visit, across all payers and visit types.

How to calculate:

Divide your total revenue by your total number of visits for a given time frame (one year is best).

PCC clients:

Revenue per visit increased 20.8% over the past five years

Revenue per Visit


Missed Appointment Rates

What it measures:

The percentage of appointments that were marked as missed. Missed appointments represent revenue loss and delayed patient care.

How to calculate:

The missed appointment rate is calculated by dividing the total number of missed appointments by the total number of scheduled appointments.

PCC clients:

Our Dashboard tool reports a low rate of 4.7% across PCC clients