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    About PCC How We Rank
About PCC How We Rank

How We Rank in Our Industry

Simply put, PCC is the top performing EHR and medical billing software company in the pediatric software industry, according to independent healthcare vendor rating group, KLAS Enterprises.1

KLAS reports represent the combined opinions of clinicians and administrative staff who report how their vendors, products, and/or services performed over the past year. KLAS findings are a unique compilation of candid opinions and measurements based on interviews with real clients and users.

Over two-dozen specialty and non-specialty EHR software companies are ranked each year, with 16 key indicators that measure performance in sales and contracting, implementation and training, functionality and upgrades, service and support, and general satisfaction.

Our Rankings and Reviews

Year after year, PCC easily outranks its competitors in every one of 16 indicators measured by KLAS. This year we were given an A rating, with an overall score of 92.1 out of 100, while the average score of all vendors was much lower at 76.5.

PCC particularly stands out in training and support services as compared to other vendors. The quality of our trainings received an almost-perfect score, ranking 26% higher than the industry average. What’s more, 100% of clients surveyed said that PCC “avoids nickel-and-diming”, and ranked us extremely high (8.5 out of 9) in the product working as promoted.

PCC also ranked highly for the quality of our product. According to one client surveyed, “PCC EHR is an incredible pediatric-specific EHR. It has great immunization forecasting and easily configurable protocols for things such as ADHD. We can easily manage task assignments and office workflow. It has fantastic quality reporting on items that matter. PCC is very responsive to user input and feedback, and they are slowly incorporating lots of new features that are desired.” 

How We Rank

[1] “KLAS Specialty Reports Small Practice EMR/PM 2017 (1-10 Physicians), March 2017.” © 2017 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved. www.KLASresearch.com

“Everything about PCC EHR is geared toward our practice. They keep us current with what is happening in our specialty and in medicine. If we need something, PCC will work with us to accommodate our needs. They will write a program for us, even if it is something that other practices don’t need. PCC is just unbelievable.”

2016 KLAS survey participant