• 2019 PCC Users’ Conference

2019 PCC Users’ Conference

Thank you for attending this year’s User’s Conference in Burlington, Vermont.

The UC is a great opportunity to network, learn, and to experience how PCC is growing and learning with you. Here are some of the numbers from last week:

  • 5 vendors
  • 243 attendees
  • 79 practices
  • 31 individual Dashboard award winners
  • 61 classes
  • 1 Big Bash boat party!

The class materials covered during the conference are available on PCC Learn. Dr. Colleen Kraft’s presentation from Friday on clinically integrated networks can be found here. Class materials can also be found on the UC app, which will be available until next year.

We hope you found opportunities to learn, meet your colleagues, as well as connect with us at PCC and learn how we’re working to make running your practice easier. As our CEO John Canning always says, “This year’s UC was the best yet!”

UC2020 is scheduled for the week of July 20th, 2020, located in Burlington. Registration for 2020 will begin early next year – we hope to see you there!

Faces and Moments from UC 2019