Jill Rinehart, MD, FAAP

Jill Rinehart, MD, FAAP of Hagan, Rinehart and Connolly Pediatricians, talks about how PCC has worked for her practice.

The truth of why PCC is so beneficial is you’re not just getting software, you’re getting a relationship with a company who knows pediatrics, who understands the academy of pediatrics, and the people that set the standards of how I deliver care. So (I think) probably the more important times that I’ve reached out to PCC have been about big decisions, about decisions like how we, as a small practice, see ourselves within the Vermont community, within healthcare reform efforts and how can our EHR benefit us in those processes, so our practice was one of the first medical homes, patient-centered medical homes in the State (first pediatric one), and we couldn’t have done that without PCC’s help with that. And I can now print out goals and next steps for families after our care conferences and team meetings that no other colleague can do. And I do a lot of teaching, I teach around the State to other practices, nationally as well, they’re all like, ‘Wow, your EHR can do that, how do you do that?’ If I see something I don’t like, or if I need an extra something out of a template, it’s, it’s literally; you can make that happen and (I think) really embrace the independent practice here.

I chose this because I like to make my own decisions and there isn’t another software that (I think) EHR that can do that, really be that flexible. At PCC you’re joining a community of other independent practices, I don’t know if you talk about that very much, but it’s; that really feels like that, so not only do I have the American Academy of Pediatrics but I also have other PCC practices and one key piece of that is you have interviewed us, you have surveyed us, and so I can look at comparing myself to other practices and how they’ve gotten their adolescent well visits in (for example) or other measures, and it helps me to be better. There is a little more motivation when we have the annual users’ conference because there’s people who use these parts of the dashboard to improve their measures and to improve their curves and it’s inspiring to be part of that group. And it’s all about pediatric patients, it’s really refreshing, and I almost get spoiled by it (with PCC) because I spend so much time talking and advocating in healthcare reform efforts that are not about children and adolescents and so it’s really refreshing to go, ‘okay, this is about helping the kid and the family within the context of the community,’ and I look to you guys often to help with what’s happening in other states even, so it’s more than just an EHR.