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    Our Solution Pricing Model
Our Solution Pricing Model

Our Pricing Model

Everything we do for our clients is covered in one all-inclusive monthly fee, with no surprises — ever. From data conversions and training to ongoing support and customization, it’s all included in one price.

Our pricing model is simple. PCC Complete is a comprehensive package of pediatric-specific software, service, and support that is covered in one monthly fee, with no additional costs or surprise fees. We include it all so that you don’t have to worry about nickel-and-dime costs every time you need to reach out to us, whether you need make a change or have a technical emergency. You’ll be covered, so you can move on to more important things — like providing great care to your patients.

As a PCC client, your complete EHR, medical billing, and support expenses will always be predictable. Your cost stays the same even if you require extensive training, a custom report, support during non-business hours, or multiple changes to your EHR templates. With better control of your finances, you can worry less and confidently plan for the future.

How does our pricing compare?

PCC Complete
One Flat Fee

Never an additional fee for data conversions, standard interfaces, training, technical support, consulting, or our annual users's conference.
Data Conversions
Included with PCC Complete
Standard Interfaces
Included with PCC Complete
On-Site Training
Included with PCC Complete
Claims Clearinghouse
Included with PCC Complete
Technical/Network Support
Included with PCC Complete
Our Competitors
Base Fee
NOT all-inclusive.

Many important services are at an additional cost.
Data Conversions
Standard Interfaces
On-Site Training
Claims Clearinghouse
Technical/Network Support
Actual Cost
Base fee plus add-ons.

When comparing costs of EHRs, make sure to get the whole picture. Many essential services cost extra.
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Included in PCC Complete

Pediatric-specific clinical workflow software

PCC Billing

Complete financial management software


Our powerful mobile app, includes EHR and Billing data

Data Conversion

All your data securely transitioned to our system

Complete Tech Support

A personal support team of experts available anytime, including complete IT, network infrastructure, and hardware support

Personalized Service

24/7/365 customer service and callback guarantee

Server Upgrades

Regular upgrades to continually safeguard the integrity and speed of your system

PCC Learn

A robust online knowledgebase


An engaged, networked peer community

Educational Resources

Complete protocols library, PCMH resources, The Independent Pediatrician magazine, and original online publications

“When comparing costs, look at the big picture. PCC isn’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. There is no nickel and diming. You pay the monthly fee and that’s it. Upgrades are included, webinars are included, unlimited tech support is included, and even their annual Users’ Conference is included.”

Michael Sachs, MD, Premier Pediatrics, Beverly Hills, CA

Costs and Limitations

PCC EHR is offered to pediatric practices as part of a comprehensive service plan paid for by a single monthly fee. This fee includes all features and modules of the software, including the patient portal, and all support services. Clients must sign a contract to engage the service. The standard contract term is three years. An early termination fee applies.

New clients pay a one-time implementation fee to cover the cost of training and implementation.

A small one-time fee applies to providers upon enrollment in Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) to cover the cost of the electronic token.

Some practical limitations may apply in certain circumstances. Most notably, the exchange of notes or transitions of care through the Direct transmission method. PCC EHR relies on a third-party provider, Updox, for this service. The exchange of data through this service is limited to the trust networks with whom Updox has an established connection. While this list grows steadily, some destination providers may not be available to you. Also, PCC EHR has limited abilities to search for subscribed Direct providers. In many cases, the recipient’s Direct address will need to be obtained independent of the software. Finally, we have found in practice that many providers do not have Direct accounts and are therefore unavailable for the exchange of data.

PCC EHR interacts with a database running on a server located in the client’s office. Medical practices with multiple offices will require superior data connections between the offices for optimal operation of the software. While the software will operate properly, clients could experience slow response times if the remote office lacks a business class data connection. Obtaining such a connection would yield third-party costs to the client.

Some features of PCC EHR require an active Internet connection. These include e-prescribing, Direct, patient portal administration, and immunization forecasting.

This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Developer Name: Physician’s Computer Company

Date Certified: 09/30/2015

Product Version: PCC EHR V7

Certification Number: 09302015?2072?5

Certification Criteria: 170.314 (a)(1?15); (b)(1?5, 7); (c)(1?3); (d)(1?8); (e)(1?3); (f)(1?3); (g)(2?4)

Certified Clinical Quality Measures: 2v4; 75v3; 117v3; 126v3; 136v4; 146v3; 153v3; 154v3; 155v3

Additional software relied upon to demonstrate compliance: Medline Plus, FirstDatabank, P7ZIP, StuffIt (or WinZip), AAP Patient Education, Updox API’s

PCC’s EHR v.7.6 has been officially certified to connect to the Surescripts network through First DataBank (FDB) for Prescription Benefit and Medication History messaging. The following 4 services and message types have been certified:

1) Eligibility transactions (270/271) ANSI X12 version 005010X279A1

2) Medication History (RXHREQ/RXHRES) NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 – including FILL

3) NCPDP Formulary and Benefit Load version 3.0

4) Surescripts Prescription Benefit Application Certification Requirements 2014-11-03

5) Prescription message routing

6) ECPS certification