PCC and the Independent Pediatrician

You dedicate yourself to your patients. We dedicate ourselves to you. Our solution supports you every step of the way, navigating the changing healthcare landscape. See for yourself how we help you run a smarter practice.

Meet Meredith. Meredith loves kids and always wanted to become a doctor in private practice. Now, she’s an independent pediatrician with her own kids at home, but she doesn’t have a lot of time to see them, since she has to stay late at the office to finish her charts every night. Meredith wishes it could be different.

Meet Daniel. He is one of the best independent pediatricians in town. He has lots of patients, the kids enjoy his jokes, but the visits are short, because he has to make time in his day for office work, and when patients miss appointments, Daniel wishes he had spent more time with the patients who did show up.

Molly also runs her own practice. Her practice is so small, that she has to do all the administrative duties herself, taking time away from what she loves most, pediatric care.

With PCC, Meredith, Daniel and Molly are no longer alone. PCC’s affordable EHR solution allows pediatricians to run a more efficient and productive practice, and still have quality time with family.

How do we do this? Most independent pediatricians do not have the time or tools to measure how their practices succeed or struggle. PCC’s EHR solution provides performance metrics at your fingertips. Our clients have amazing revenue cycle management results, routinely beating even the professional RCM vendors. We measure the average revenue generated per patient visit, across all payers and visit types. We measure the percentage of missed appointments that have resulted in revenue loss and delayed patient care.

PCC understands the challenges pediatricians face; another reason why PCC received the highest cost ranking. Get more family time, patient time, productivity and revenue with PCC’s EHR solution.

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