Physician’s Computer Company (PCC) Releases First Pediatric-Specific ePrescribing Solution

New EHR release highlights innovative collaboration with First Databank to embed FDB MedsTracker® eRx

WINOOSKI, Vt., June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/

Physician’s Computer Company (PCC), an independent software solutions firm exclusively working to meet the needs of independent pediatricians nationwide, today announced that is has collaborated with First Databank (FDB), the leading provider of drug and medical device knowledge that helps healthcare professionals make precise decisions, to embed FDB MedsTracker® eRx, an electronic prescribing solution, directly into PCC’s electronic health record designed specifically for pediatrics. Originally designed for inpatient use, FDB customized FDB MedsTracker® eRx specifically for the needs of pediatric practices.

PCC and FDB collaborated to ensure the electronic health record with electronic prescribing capabilities would be full of features and functionality that pediatricians need. A few examples include:

  • Age-appropriate medications and dosing
  • Proactive alerts
  • One-click prescriptions
  • Custom medications, search terms, units of measure, and warnings

To customize ePrescribing for pediatrics, FDB incorporated feedback directly from PCC’s clients, learning the variations in their workflows, and ultimately using that input to create a configurable solution that each pediatric practice can customize to their individual preferences. PCC’s clients represent 140 practices with nearly 1,200 physicians throughout the country, who serve more than two million pediatric patients and write more than 150,000 electronic prescriptions per month.

John Canning, President and Co-Founder of PCC commented, “FDB MedsTracker is quick and intuitive, and vastly streamlines the prescribing process for our pediatricians. Typically, a prescription can take two to four minutes per prescription in other systems, but only takes seconds with FDB’s solution. And, when pediatricians can save time ePrescribing, they gain time in their day to help more children.”

The ease of use built into FDB’s MedsTracker ePrescribing Solution is appreciated by the clients who use it every day. Dr. Alison Gaudet of Providence Pediatric Practice said, “I like that if I sent a prescription, it remains in the review and sign box for some time, allowing me to correct it if a mistake was made. Then, the system updates the visit note to only show the corrected script.” And according to Dr. Dulce Dudley from Lighthouse Pediatrics of Naples, “The new ePrescribing is great! We really like it. It’s easier to read, and it’s much easier to see when a patient was and was not on a medication. The screens are much cleaner.”

Speaking about working with FDB to customize this tool for pediatric practices, Paula VanDeventer, PMP, PCC’s Project Manager stated, “We found in FDB a true partner who cares about our clients’ needs for pediatric-specific, configurable solutions, who designed and delivered an advanced clinical application that improves prescription safety while enabling our Clinicians to spend more time with their patients, and who is both collaborative and amazingly responsive. The new PCC eRx solution jointly developed by FDB and PCC – with lots of input from our clients – offers improvements in ePrescribing functionality, usability and reliability. We work so closely with the FDB MedsTracker team that we consider them part of Team PCC, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

About PCC

PCC (Physician’s Computer Company) is a privately held, independent software solutions firm with over 30 years of industry experience working exclusively to meet the needs of independent pediatricians nationwide. Since 1983, we have built tools, provided consulting, and offered support to pediatric practices that seek to improve the health of their patients and improve their bottom lines. PCC knows the value of having control over our own future, and our commitment to helping pediatricians stay independent is the driving force behind everything we do. Consistently ranked at the top of KLAS for specialty vendors, our people and our products are dedicated to removing the obstacles that prevent pediatricians from practicing medicine.